Scrummy Banana Pancakes

As promised here is the recipe to one of my many favorite yummy breakfasts; banana pancakes super easy, super quick and super healthy. With only three ingredients you really have no excuse to get out of trying this beautiful creation and I can assure you, you will be astounded at how tasty they are! So here goes…
You will need:
1 tsp baking powder
2 medium eggs
3 ripe bananas (pretty self explanatory by the name)

Start by mashing all three bananas in a bowl to form a smooth thick paste, do this quite coarsely however don’t worry about the odd big lump of banana. Once mixed break the two medium eggs into the mixing bowl and fold these together with the banana paste, there should be enough egg to hold the mashed banana together (if your anything like me and can’t crack eggs you may be better breaking the eggs into a separate bowl first, whisking them and then combining them with the nanas in order to avoid any unwanted shell in your tasty pancakes). Now you have this (not very appetizing) gloop, add the baking powder and fold again ensuring the baking powder is broken down and is not still in clumps.
Now comes the fun part (also the part where things could go drastically wrong, resulting in pancakes stuck to the ceiling). Spoon one or two tablespoons of this mixture (depending on the desired size of your pancakes) into a heated frying pan, once the baking powder is activated the pancake will begin to turn a golden brown, flip it over and cook for approximately another minute or so.
Voila! There you have the tastiest nana pancakes you will ever create, depending on how much time I spend presenting my food (as I’m very picky like that) it only takes me about 15 minutes to cook this sweet breakfast, meaning I have more time to enjoy them making this recipe simple, delicious and a very healthy breakfast! However if you find these a little dry I recommend adding a generous dollop of fage or if you have plenty of time why not make some tangy mango nice cream for a side serving?! Topped with bloobs and strawbs I would definitely rate this a number #1 on my top 10 breakies!!
Enjoy lovelies,
Grace x

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