It is our Universe which makes us infinite, too


Have you ever paused just for a moment, took a deep breath; Inhaled, Exhaled and absorbed the beautiful world with all its former beauty? Stop. Wherever you are right now, it doesn’t matter where that maybe, just cease. Whether you’re in a confined overcrowded shop, a stifling, unventilated classroom, or a clammy gym, put down your pen, your bags or those heavy weights, block out the noise, the chatter, the shuffles and whispers, the irritating bleeps from the gym equipment. Avoid them like you are eluding a tsunami, running to the highest peak of land to avoid the devastation. Fast. Imagine your Usain Bolt only 10 metres from crossing the finish line, the gold medal is just within your grasp. You can hear the light pounding of your opponent’s feet against the running track only a few inches behind you, their quick panting, shallow breaths and swift strides. They’re getting closer. You get faster, push harder, give it everything you’ve got. You sprint, faster than you ever have before. The only thing of any importance in this moment, is yourself. Focus on your breathing; Inhale, Exhale.

Look towards the windows of your surrounding, out at the sky, inspect how the trees sway simultaneously in the purified breeze, how the rain splatters and rebounds off the paved surface. Seek how the leaves are snatched from the brittle branches from which they were born. Study how they’re carried in the wind, how each crisp white snowflake floats elegantly down from heaven, not one flake identical to another. Keep your eyes fixed on whatever circumstances are occurring in the world just outside your own. They will never falter. They are trapped in continuous infinities. Seasons just as life, hold endless beauty; Inhale, Exhale. Remember. Remind yourself that you are living too, just like the leaves, raindrops and snowflakes. You hold the power to chase your dreams and soar in the wind just like them. Snatch your goals like the wind snatches leaves from branches, fly high. Soar. Escape. And breathe. In this moment forget your boundaries because you are infinite. Life never stops, ever. That, too, is continuous. It carries on, even after death, failure and pain. In the midst of life’s treacherous trials, when each 24 hours is worse than the last. When you’re panic-stricken, timid and enervated, life still continues and sees no pause. It is continuous, like a ticking clock. The only way to make it stop is to remove its batteries, its main source of energy; that too can be said for us humans. But in the moments where your breaths are short and your breathing is shallow, you explain the infinite. One look at the world around you is all it takes to see how rare and beautiful it is to even exist. Our universe was created, just to be seen by our own two eyes; and sometimes I think that amid all the wars, conflict and world calamities, this is forgotten. Our world should be cherished, so soak yourself in its innermost beauty because it is often abandoned and obliterated among life’s daily duties.
I myself, am not the preacher of tranquillity nor small moments of stillness and peace, just as everyone else I find it difficult to make time sometimes. But then it hit me. I have no windows right now, instead I have a whole panoramic landscape of the sun, sand, sea and sky. Among the harmony of crashing waves against the shore, the laughter and hilarities of children watching as their sandcastles and palaces become demolished by the waves, the surges of laughter of the surfers riding the inclement waves as their adrenaline find a way to escape their body. At the crest of my breath I smell the sea water, heavily salted, so much so that I could taste the salt strongly on my lips. The melody of the crashing waves is soothing to note, the heat is piercing my skin, thawing my bones. I feel the smouldering heat on the inside of my eyelids, cautiously softening my vision, forging imprints of the effulgent sun each time I blink. I lie observing the world spinning around beside me, as the sand buries my feet and shrouds my toes like a mound of earth dug out from a quarry. It is here and now where I fell to love the universe, our universe, despite the jeopardy and turmoil which also exists in the world. That moment when you realise you’re not half empty, that moment of all moments, like there is music in the night and we can dance the sun out of the sky. These are the moments where everything feels possible. Maybe one day there will be an end to pain, and peace and happiness will radiate round the globe. Maybe one day we will fall short of the stories we tell, but tonight we are more than just words on a page. We are here, we are different and we are everlasting. We are legendary. Take an abysmal breath; Inhale, Exhale. Let the universe absorb the doubts of your existence, your fears of failure and strive onwards and upwards towards the sky, towards your infinite dreams and capabilities. “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”. You are infinite, just as the leaves, stars, snowflakes, and raindrops which incite the cacophonous tidal waves building the ocean, which founds 71% of the Earth itself. You hold the power to escape and dream, and soar and live. Dance, sing, laugh and fly. You are infinite.
Infinite adj.  [in-fuh-nit]
1. Immeasurably great: an infinite capacity for endless possibilities for something which is limitless; boundless; endless
Grace x

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