The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. – Humphrey, Jr.


My dearest earthlings, here is a little un-health related blog requested by someone very close to me and after many failed attempts at writing it I’m hoping that now I am surrounded by placidity and serenity (a remote, isolated village in Western France with a mug of heavenly green tea, listening to the chanting birds and bumbling bees) I will finally be able to put pen to paper and finish this once and for all. I have so many ideas and concepts of what to write on this blank, unspoiled page staring up at me, that deciding which ones to write first is frankly baffling my brain; like leaves being abducted and forcibly borne by a hurricane, with little control over the pace at which they soar.

Despite being the fanatical health and fitness enthusiast I am, there are many other things in the world which I also treasure and believe are a vital key to our happiness, friendship being one of these. As Humphrey quite simply says here, friendship is a glorious, treasured gift which finds its place deep in the soul of every living person, and it is this ability to have friends and be a friend which makes life exceptionally worthwhile. These interlinked bonds between human beings which connect our lives in a way that is too beautiful to comprehend. The company they offer, along with the joyous memories and secrets shared have a value more worthy than gold. It is precious and comes at no cost, yet the experiences it offers have a price of the rarest crystal to ever be discovered. To find someone who is willing to give you the world and not expect anything in return is an achievement in itself. The ones who hear you in a crowded room full of people, who act as your voice when you can no longer speak for yourself, who shine their light on the road ahead, give a shoulder to cry on, ears to listen and comprehend, eyes to witness the beauty of friendship that exists between the two of you. Friends are our guide, like a shepherd tends to his flock, friends yield us with a beloved bond. How lonely this world would be if friendships became extinct. How cherished we are to have other beings who know us better than we know ourselves; both our darkest, abstruse secrets and greatest triumphs. They are so special and extraordinary in this fast-moving universe and simply acting as an aid which encourages the world to continue to spin and the trees to continue to sing.
I undoubtedly agree that we all need time alone every now and then, we need to learn to love ourselves and become at peace with who we are and accept that we are unchangeable. It is important to become your own best friend, learn to truly love yourself despite your flaws and imperfections, and gain a self-confidence not many earn. But it is also extremely important to remember those around you; to remember you are never alone. Yet in what may seem to be an existential crisis, there will always imminently be someone to offer a hand. This someone needs to be fondly acknowledged, they are the royalty of our lives, with unlimited reels of respect. With experience I’ve seen how it is not always easy to keep people close, over the years I’ve lost friends, made friends and become a friend to so many people but I, too, am also guilty of forgetting the things which my friends have given up for me, it is only now that I see how lucky I am, how lucky we are, as a global circumference, a universe, to have faith, trust and happiness in the light of our friends, who soon become our family. Family with whom we experience, explore, adventure, learn, grow, change and learn to love as ourselves. Our friends make it worthwhile to wake up each morning and sleep peacefully at night, they fill our days, which evolve into lives, with smiles, laughter and harmony. So say thank you to your friends today, keep them close to your heart and never, ever take them for granted, because they too are the key to your goals, they become your prime motivation and soul source of encouragement. But more importantly, I guess the message that I wanted to get across through writing this post is to encourage  you to hold your friends close to your heart and never take their beautiful souls for granted.
On a more personal note, to my friends reading this right now I am forever and eternally grateful for everything you do, the main reason for my smile day in, day out. You are everything anyone could ever need, the most beautiful friends anyone could ever dream of.
Grace x

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