Never underestimate the power of being kind✨

As I have a spare two minutes after devouring in my dang delicious cranberry and banana nicecream I chose to reflect on my week and I thought of something which happened to me ontuesday afternoon, which I think reiterated a very important fact; or should I say basic, yet fundamentl characteristic that every human being should indeed ‘throw around like confetti’. Of course, it’s KINDNESS.

As I was trapping to get registered in the drizzly wet rain I passed a young boy on his own who looked lost, distressed and was clearly very upset. My conscience kicked in and I knew one thing for sure; I could not just stand by without offering to help, so after him I chased, down slopes and alleys, corridors and stairs. Minutes later I eventually caught up with him, it was quite unbearable to see someone so young and innocent so upset and distressed, it bought a lump to my throat- why oh why can people just go on with their day after seeing someone so upset? Offering my reassurance and comforting solace to this young child soon calmed him down, and he told me what was wrong. Ten minutes later, this young boy was as happy as ever before, he smiled from ear to ear and his tears had stopped. He was no longer carrying the weight of his burden on his shoulders, and through offering my hand his problem was solved. His gratitude was extraordinary, but to me, I didn’t feel like I had done anything spectacular.

It cannot be denied, the world we live has its abundances of negativity, pessimism and in many times focuses on the bad and the evil. I have no doubt that we should be made aware of the tragic circumstances of poverty, world hunger, war and hatred going on in the world, because it is our duty, as humans to do anything in our power to make these awful event stop. But you only have to switch on the evening news to be bombarded with negativity, I can rarely remember a positive even like a gathering of the masses to watch a beautiful sun rise, or the celebration of collective acts which just burst with pride, unity and solidarity. The media is like a dart drawn to a target, it attracts negativity. In this world, both the good and bad do co-exist, they are both always present, it is inevitable that you cannot have one without the other. But in either circumstance, and in any one moment, you always have both, so I write this to encourage you to focus on the good.

Our perspective and how we choose view the world we live in, stand on solid ground as a choice only we decide. If you set apart from the negativity and the dark clouds coating the light, adapt to the notion that the glass is half full, that rain is a blessing because it brings us beautiful flowers, that the grass is greener under your own two feet not on the other side of the fence, then you will become a living ray of sunshine. If you offer kindness to everyone you meet throughout your journey of life, you will undoubtedly be bringing peace and optimism to the global circumference. You have the power to choose your perspective, the way you deem things to be, so never go a moment without sparing a thought of the abundant good that is all around you.

There really is no doubt that being kind in a sometimes unkind world will be easy, there have been many of times when the smiles I have given; to strangers, enemies or friends, have not been returned. As goes for anything else you give in this world, there are many things, people, and circumstances that will try to bring you down. Tear you down. Knock you of track. Don’t let them have this power to veer you off course. Stand up tall for what you believe in and work hard at it. Hold true to who you are, and be proud of yourself. Remain steadfast, keep your goals at your forefront. Lead with your own inner strength and kindness. Have faith in yourself because you know the path you need to take to reach your destination. Even if it’s the one less traveled, choose it and take it. You are the captain of your own ship, chart the course for the rest of your life. Follow your dreams, but more importantly, pursue your dreams- You are the only one who can make them come true.

Though this may not be a life changing story nor a traumatising experience, it simply reiterates the fact that as humans, little acts of kindness should be scattered every where we go, whether it be a smile to a stranger, giving money to the poor or food to the homeless, kindness has a greater power than any medicine. Kindness has the strength to make someone feel loved, wanted and cared for. I will forever and always stand by kindness to everyone and anyone I meet, just to know that what I have done makes a difference is an incredible feeling. So don’t bow your head when you walk in the street, lift up your chin and offer smiles to everyone you pass, leave anonymous notes of happiness in ordinary places, and throw your kindness around like confetti, because you never know just what difference you will make to some bodies life.

At the end of the day, be kind to yourself, be kind to others and live in peace. I hope you’ve all had an incredible day and I’m sending love to all you pretty souls out there, keep smiling and stay positive- but most importantly throw around that kindness like confetti🌍💓

Much love,

Grace x

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