The essence of a Conqueror of the Battle against the Brain

I’ve only been back from my travels a week or so and I’m already in mourning of the mystical sights, tranquil skies and extraordinary amity interspersed at every juncture, not to mention the endless supply of watermelon to satisfy my sweet tooth. Needless to say it was definitely the much needed break from reality I was yearning after many manic months of exams, study and unbalanced emotions. My mind (and body for that matter) were thankful for some down time ready to recuperate before the next fiasco…Results Day (the day which every A-Level student dreads.) And whilst I do adore to be surrounded by friends, venturing cities and keeping up-to-date on the errands of those around me, it’s impossible to deny the positive effects that a caesura from social media (and any form of technology for that matter) can have, we all need a little breathing space from time to time. So, with few priorities I was set to take to the skies once more (but this time I remained in the plane, seated and securely fastened at 14,000ft) and my mind was set to wander. A fair few thoughts which had been pondering at the back of my mind for what felt like an eternity were unleashed and I finally had the time to offer to them my dearest attention.

Have you ever been struck with the thoughts of “who am I?”, “what am I doing here?”, “what is my real purpose?”, “what the hell am I doing with my life?”? Don’t deny it we’ve all had our moments of complete uncertainty, and undeniably it hits you like a lighting bolt, a bullet to the brain. That little debacle of self-doubt becomes amplified by our minds,  it’s now a colossal attack against our sanity. The synapses between the neurones in your brain become battlefields, no longer deserted but exploding with gunshots of cognitions. Before you know it, a nuclear war has been initiated… You Vs Your own Mind. It’s who wins that is the real question.

Have you noticed the recurring pattern in each of these thought processes? The verifiable truth that they all contain either the personal pronoun of “me” or “I”, is purely an emblem of the attack against the Self. Believe it or not, you are not alone in thinking these thoughts, there are plenty of others who endure this battle against the brain. There is only one essence of those who conquer, and that I call Belief. There is only one thing standing in the way of you becoming the Victor of this self-treacherous battle, and that I also call Belief.


“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all and then stands back to see if we can find them”

I think this word ‘Belief‘ can mean a lot of different things to different people, I can imagine it passing through many people’s minds meaning nothing more than an opinion or conviction of something they believe. But I’m not talking about this version of the word, no.

The Belief I’m talking about is the one in ones Self. The confidence, faith and trust in their own abilities. Their defiance to any animate object which interjects between the Self and their true identity, curbing their chances of achieving their utmost potential. The credence and steadiness to withstand hindrances or impediments along the road to their destiny. Possessing Belief in yourself, in your mind, body and soul is the essence of a conqueror. Whether you believe it or not, the seeds for these are planted deep within you, sown within the depths of your soul, simply awaiting for the moment when you decide to feed them with curiosity and acknowledgement. One day, they will flourish. At first the continual effort to find them will produce no visual signs of their presence, there will be many mornings when you wake to feel no significant aura of their existence, but the more you persist the seedlings will bloom. Don’t be afraid, for there will come a day when dusk shields the earth and you will endure the evoloutionary encounter of their presence. The first shoot, will flourish and diverge into offshoots, branches and blossom. Belief will have engulfed your life and from this day forward will never depart. It will become your best friend, your companion and your soul mate.

You ask if its worth making the effort of sowing the seed? Undoubtedly.

Plant, bury, scatter those seeds, for you will never look back.


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