“Have Courage in Adversity” ~ Nanna


Has there ever been a moment in your life which has surprised you with debut of adversity? A fluke of coincidental incidents, which cause you to pose the question “Why ME?”. Those ‘wrong-place-wrong-time’ contingent misfortunes which deem to bypass any fathomable explanation other than pure bad luck. And then of course we are abandoned with the questions contemplating an alternative course of events, more often than not blaming ourselves and questioning our actions with the frustration of not doing things differently; “If only I woke ten minutes earlier”, “Two seconds later and that wouldn’t have happened”, “This could have been avoided if only I’d checked this, or done that”. Undoubtedly the questions and self-doubts arrive in plentiful supply, and regardless of how much attentive thought control we offer, ultimately we can never avoid the flood of frustration and grievance.

Writing about something which has happened just a matter of hours ago, makes it all the more frustrating, but the simple act of thinking things over (probably for the one-hundredth time this evening) leaves me with the poingant acknowledgement that maybe, just maybe, things DO uncoil the way they do for a purpose. A purpose that, at the time of their occurence we cannot seem to understand, but one which was not just a fluke happening of life, but a fortuity which protects us from even crueller events which are awaiting the end of the road. We cannot see around the right hand bend which sits 20ft in front of us, but the fallen tree branch or set of red lights we meet 10ft prior to turning protects us from whatever chance event which is loitering just ahead. At the time of intersection, the annoyance riddles your veins and copulates anger, but really, this encumbrance may have just saved your life. Have you ever thought of it this way? Have you ever stopped to thank the light which dims to amber in the split second before you embark the crossing? The oddly irritable days when your alarm doesn’t seem to go off? A delayed train, an unfortunate collision, even being stuck behind a tractor on a narrow winding road. All the instances which in the moment seem nothing but a mere hinderance; what if those spared seconds actually saved your life?

After taking on the challenge of a triathlon as a pledge for a new quest and maybe a future love for the sport itself, I encountered numerous unfortunate flukes which did nothing bar fuelling my annoyance. Nonetheless; one red light, a broken chain, a ruptured handlebar and some very sneaky potholes down and I crossed the finish line. I’d achieved my goal, with a steady swim, speedy bike leg (allbeit a 15 minute wait for a bike tool and stretch pushing my bike into transition due to a lose chain) and a strong out and back run, but most importantly I bridged the finish line with a spring in my stride and a smile on my face.

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