“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” ~ Carl Sagan


Perhaps the title of this blog post has provoked a little thought within your brain? Perhaps you’re befuddled by the illusional header image? Maybe you can envisage these words being spoken directly from the mouth of Carl Sagan? Or maybe, you’re just completely dumbfounded at where this post is going and my reasoning behind choosing to write about such an inexhaustible topic? Whatever you’re thoughts reading the opening words of this post, I can assure you that I, myself, have no set plan or prepared intention, no methodological agenda or detailed blueprint of what to include. No, I am writing each and every sentence freely, each word and syllable just as it intertwines the cerebral cortex of my brain, lacing my mind with fragile threads of thought. Plain and simply, I am writing from my heart. Going with the flow of the Now.

It’s not often that we, as humans, allow ourselves to truly listen to our own inner voice. When was the last time you scheduled time into your busy day to tune into the sound of your own heart? Amid the hustle and bustle, the laughter and merriments, the glee and gloom of daily life it can be easy to neglect your own identity. I’ve been building in several minutes each day over the past couple of months now; minutes spared from social media and technology. Minutes free from the outside world, just 900 seconds, 900 seconds where I can speak to myself without any interferences from the life outside my world. It does good, you know. You begin to learn more, more about what your body really feels. Things which make you feel good, things which heal your pain. Things which make you smile, and things which you never even knew about yourself. It opens your mind, cleans your soul, eradicates the junk thoughts which unavoidably linger in the sidelines of your brain. You become aware, aware of your surroundings, not just literally but metaphorically, too. Your journey on life no longer seems this extraordinary load weighing you down. You become open, alive. Alive in the moment, present in your being and existing in the Now. Problems which in time, are built up to be some burdensome disease, become so small. Minute in fact, the weight is hoisted from your shoulders, you are free. Mindfulness, I think, for use of a better word.

The flow of life, in which you are present and accepting, becomes less of a weight and more of a blessing. A divine sanction of grace abounded with contentment, peace and ease. The sooner you learn that your existence is just a matter of star dust, constructed into the noun they call Life, you become free. Free to wander the realms of its entity and free to roam its infinite avenues. To know that life may not always reveal to us exactly what we want, it is very rare that life uncoils exactly the way we wish it to, but undoubtedly, life always gives us what we need.

Sometimes we try too hard and use up too much of our energy trying to swim upstream against a strong current. We become exhausted, day after day of continuous labour yet we don’t seem to be moving. Why do we find it so hard to give up our day job in spite of finding something new and exciting which enlightens our soul? Why is it that we are so persistent to complain about where we are at present, yet so reluctant to step back and allow the flow of the universe to carry us to some place better? Is it perhaps because we are afraid? Afraid or what or where that may be? Perhaps nervous of change and disruption to what we know our lives to be?

If we took a step back, stopped swimming against the current, gave up what was once enjoyable, but now a duty, and trusted the flow of life, then maybe, just maybe, the places we will be taken to will awaken our soul. The flow is the ocean of cosmic intelligence, its the natural uncoiling of events exactly as they should happen. It allows not only us, but the universe itself, to fall into place. It is the current of inevitability, have faith in your feelings. Tune in to what your soul is telling you. Find what makes you feel good. Explore your emotions. Ride the waves of the flow. Surfers always know the wave they choose to ride will break, but they are not concerned with where that will occur, they are just awakened by the experience the wave will bring.

So ride the crest of life waves and allow the driving motion of the current to guide you. But, most importantly, have faith in that wherever it may be that the force takes you, is exactly where you are meant to be.


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